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Challenges Of Work From Home

1. Data security – Data integrity & sanctity, unauthorized access of  ERP, employees engaging in parallel jobs

2. IT Infrastructure Issues – Issues related to desktop/laptop availability and performance, internet issues

3. Collaboration & Communication – Immediate assist from co-worker becomes difficult, face to face touch is missing, delayed communications

4. Lack of passion & Motivation – Passion and motivation of doing good work gets hit in case of silo working. Social interaction is strongly integrated with passion

5. Fostering Company Culture  & Values gets hit – Company culture is fostered, in large part, by employees coming together and engaging in team-building activities or in company-wide meetings, which gets impacted

6. Performance Measurement &  SLA’s monitoring – When employees are continuously exposed to the behavior of their colleagues, they’re able to grasp the standards of performance much more quickly

Benefits Of Work From Home

1. Productivity & work hours Increase – Several studies have shown that remote working increases productivity & work hours of employees.

2. Reduction in expenses – Employee saves commute time as well expenses of commute, expenses of professional wardrobe, child care etc, which helps in work life balance.

3. Improved Employee retention for company – Studies have shown that companies having remote working option have 5-7 % more employee retention.

4. Customizable Home Office – You have the ability to make your home office what you want. In a home office, you can take food rests, and air purifiers as per your wish. You can listen to music etc.

5. Health ( Relevant in today’s time) – In today’s time it is very relevant. Employees will be safe from Corona, flues. Also less office politics , and no commute stress etc

Mitigation Of Challanges

1. IT Infrastructure – Everyone should have good computer system to work with. Their official desktops can be sent to their place after getting IT form signed.Internet bandwidth should not be accepted as excuse. Everyone should be asked to have good internet connection

2. Data Security – ERP/SAP authorizations can be rechecked. Ask people to share data on cloud rather than mail

3. Collaboration & Communication – Everyone should be available on online official chat software during office hours

4. Passion & Motivation – Reward & Recognition can be started to keep employees motivated. Image of the employee of the month  can be shown on mailing system.

5. Fostering Company Culture & Values – It is important for HR to frequently conduct web sessions on our values, culture and way of working for existing as well as new employees.

6. Performance Measurement & SLA’s monitoring – TAT & KRA for every department should be defined. Fortnightly monitoring should be started. Standard workflows can be implemented.

Software Which Can Be Planned

1. Ticketing/Project Management Tool – In House ticketing tool and Solutions like Basecamp and JIRA can be utilized.

2. Antivirus Solution & Licensed OS – Even home PC’s of employees should have licensed Operating system, Antivirus and Anti Malware protection

3. Timecard Software – Tools/Software like Time Doctor can be used for monitoring.

4. Screen Sharing Software – All systems should have screen share software Any Desk, So that the team can collaborate better

5. Workflow Solutions – ERP/SAP Workflow solutions can be identified and implemented.

6. DLP Tool – DLP tools should be implemented for data sanctity.

HR Initiatives At The Time Of Work From Home

1. Employee Engagement – Employee engagement should be the priority. Activities like Online Tambola, Antakshri should be planned every fortnight. Best 2 mins video reward  etc can also be planned

2. Performance Monitoring – Regular monitoring of performance and rewards for good work should be the key. Service departments like Quality, Maintenance, Purchase, Stores, Dispatch, Production etc. should be asked to come up with Initiatives.

3. Learning & Development opportunities – Regular Cross functional trainings,  HR Training programs, IT training programs should be planned.

4. Culture, Ethical Values and  Way of working – Videos, Webinars should be made on this, These should be periodically shared with the employees.

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